Welcome to Glorietta Trattoria restaurant in Jackson, featuring one of best Italian wine lists in the country & a fun, lively atmosphere. Make reservations now!



An Italian Trattoria where the focus is handmade pasta and wood-fired cooking with expertly crafted cocktails and a value-oriented cellar of incredible Italian wines.

Glorietta is a balanced mix of warm, naturally-finished materials with simple tile surrounding a large wood-burning grill in the middle of the restaurant create a space that is tasteful but casual and fun. Our hearth is our heart. This is a happy place, for sure. If the billowing swarm of string lights flickering above your head don’t bring a smile to your face, well, there’s no hope for you. 

The design reflects a menu that is expertly prepared without being fussy or pedantic. When possible, the menu folds in local ingredients to create curiously delicious meals all while paying homage to Italy.

Add to this one of the best Italian wine lists in the country (in Jackson? Yes), and you’ve found yourself dining Glorietta.